Jan 24

Myra Tamayo-Byun, please read about our dear friend…

Myra has always been THAT friend. The one that is totally envy-worthy. She is insanely smart and so beautiful. She is incredibly successful in her professional life as a consumer marketer in the healthcare industry. She is impossibly stylish, and her closet and home prompt everyone to click their mental Pinterest “Save” button. And above all, and most importantly, she is an incredibly loving and committed wife and mother to their three beautiful children, Colette (9), Oliver (6), and Georgie (4). Myra somehow makes juggling her career, her family, and her personal interests look easy, and with a humility that is rarely found in people as accomplished and ambitious as she is.

Early this summer, Myra accepted an amazing new job in California. Her husband, Henry, and their children were really excited to start a new adventure on the West Coast. A week after their arrival, Myra became very ill, and what began as a visit to the emergency room, lead to a diagnosis of stage IV cancer, which was found in her liver. Myra and her family quickly came to learn that this cancer in her liver was secondary, meaning the cancer had a primary source elsewhere in the body, and spread to her liver. Myra immediately began treatment (which was complicated by the unknown primary source), took a medical leave from her job, and she is now the patient that she ardently advocated for in her professional life for so many years. As new transplants to California, Henry has taken on realities of being a full-time caregiver to Myra, handling driving, school-related tasks for their three children (who attend three different schools because of their ages), cleaning, cooking, etc. While Henry has had the help of Myra’s sisters (from London and NY), this will not be a permanent solution.

At this time, Myra is at a critical juncture in her journey of recovery and the team of experts that are caring for Myra are making some critical clinical decisions to ensure the best path of healing. Myra needs the support of family, friends and colleagues to ensure that she remains positive and emotionally strong. Additionally, together as a community rallying around Myra, we can help alleviate the realities of Henry being a full-time caregiver and any disruption and stress their children may be experiencing.

Sadly Myra passed away on Jan 4. We know the heavens lit up with her arrival and please support her family.

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