One of the strongest indicators of our commitment to search excellence is that 100% of our business originates from world class referrals from our long term clients.  Below you will find testimonials from some of our clients and candidates.

Slide Damn! These are some of the strongest references I have read!! I have been singing your praises (I always do) about this search. The ultimate sniper mission! You hit every detail on a tough list of requirements. The whole board loves her. Excited to make it official! Thanks Jodie! Slide You are a phenom! Slide I have worked with a boatload of recruiters and you don’t have a peer. Slide The best recruiter/partner in the biotech business bar none. Slide World class thinking and service! Slide Please accept this e-introduction to one of the best talent assessors in our world. Jodie has an unbelievable gift for matching talent with opportunities and a no nonsense approach! I highly recommend getting to know her and her organization. Congrats! You are the best recruiter ever!! Slide Jodie, thank you for bringing us such exquisite talent for our board. Your work and insights have been exceptional and I can honestly say that I don’t believe any of the other search firms we considered for this search would have delivered for us in the way that you have. You are simply a joy to work with. Slide Jodie is basically the king & queen maker of healthcare. She is a recruiter who has placed the who's who across so many companies in the space and always goes the extra mile for her clients with the best advice, connections and more. Slide Jodie is the best matchmaker in our industry, with the best nose for a perfect fit. This saves time and emotional energy. Slide Your ability (gift actually) of forging genuine, authentic, trusting relationships with people is a standout. We appreciate you letting us be the beneficiaries of your talent. We are quite excited about the prospects. Slide Jodie Emery and her team were prompt, thoughtful and intelligent. We were able to hire the ideal candidate… frankly a candidate that exceeded my expectations – in the time frame that we desired. If there were issues, they were addressed immediately and openly; and it was clear that Jodie’s team truly cared about our success. Overall, it was a great outcome, and we really enjoyed working with Jodie’s team. Slide Jodie is the best I’ve ever worked with. Very smart, attentive & always available. I can’t say enough. Slide Very effective process and communication. Slide Jodie and team have helped us staff a senior management team for the Company in a greatly compressed timeframe. We saw a solid pool of candidates for all positions. Communication is very good. Jodie is also a terrific help when it is time to close. Slide Very efficient with my time. Very professional. Slide Jodie was terrific. The best that I have every worked with, and she has an outstanding team. Slide Very thorough in vetting opportunities for both the company and the candidate. Exceptional follow up and follow through. I was very well prepared to meet with the prospective company. Slide Jodie and her team were fantastic to work with. Very personal and prompt service. Slide I knew I was in good hands the second I met Jodie Emery. She genuinely wants to help her clients, always thinks about their success, and has a vision (for her client and the companies she represents) that inspires anyone around her. As such, it is no surprise that her team embodies the same qualities from her leadership. Thanks again for your help Jodie! Slide Jodie and her team demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding me as a candidate and matching my skills and desires with the right opportunity. Working with Jodie and her team was not a “transaction” but a “relationship”. It is obvious Jodie and her team establish the same deep relationship with the client and the candidate and that is why I would recommend Jodie Emery to a friend or colleague. Slide You bring a unique understanding of business and people to every project. You are not a recruiter you are a business developer, confidant, mentor, coach, advisor HR specialist and a recruiter wrapped up into a ball of fire.