Myrtle Potter

Myrtle Potter is a best selling author and one of America’s foremost and accomplished healthcare leaders and experts. Myrtle has dedicated three decades to serving the healthcare needs of millions of consumers through her leadership of some of America’s most successful global healthcare companies. She was a vice president, at Merck, president at Bristol-Myers Squibb and later was named president and chief operating officer of Genentech, the world’s biotechnology powerhouse, committed to developing powerful therapies for cancer, autoimmune diseases most successful biotechnology company.

In 2005 all of that came to an abrupt, shocking halt. Myrtle suffered a tragic, near-death experience in the healthcare system. After recovering and reflecting, Myrtle was inspired to completely change the course of her professional work. She decided to leave her corporate role and embark on a journey to combine her vast experience as healthcare expert, patient and caregiver to champion the needs of individuals struggling to navigate the U.S. healthcare system. Through her broad media presence Myrtle provides guidance, tools and resources that help millions of Americans navigate the U.S. healthcare system.

Myrtle Potter champions the right for people to have control over their unique, personal journey through the healthcare system.

With her deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s inner workings, personal experience of the challenges that confront individuals trying to secure the right resources and make the right healthcare decisions, and a compassionate, compelling personality, Myrtle is uniquely positioned to serve as America’s preeminent consumer healthcare guide. As a result she has earned her reputation as the Trusted Voice in Healthcare ™.

Sphinx Organization

Sphinx Organization is a social justice organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts. Our four program areas – Education and Access, Artist Development, Performing Artists, and Arts Leadership  – form a pipeline that develops and supports diversity and inclusion in classical music at every level: creative youth development, artist empowerment, and career advancement, administrative leadership, as well as service to the field.

Our gift in Myrtles name will be made to Sphinx Music.